Sunday, March 27, 2005

My Family and Hometown

Ito ay journal ko nung bata pa ako... ginawa ko para may nakakaalam naman na nag-eexist ako.Syensya n sa grammar. Bobo pa kao nung bata pa ako. Buti buhay pa.

I am the eldest among my parent’s four children. The two elders are boys and the others are (obvious) sisters. It is hard to that way. You’ll be always the one to go first. You are like a dummy to test the dangers of life first. That is what I feel. It is even harder to be only two years older to another boy who is much smarter than you and knows all the philosophical principles in this world. It really makes me *** (no words to explain) myself. It is even harder than the hardest when he is a year advance in his academic life and wherever you go, your parents makes him follow you. Get it! I am really a dummy....
I think I lost my respect from all of my siblings. They don’t follow me anymore. I can’t control them anymore, as time passes, they become larger and larger and smarter and smarter to answer back most of my guidance. They don’t believe on much of my words anymore. I think it’s Karma for me. I also losing my respect to my father when I hear him says those hurtful words to my mother. I’m much closer to my mother than to my father. My father and I don’t talk much but we fight most of the time specially when he makes my mother cry. He is a very practical man and he doesn’t let feelings fool his decisions.
My father is a good leader in our community. He is humble and the people love him. He believes, make the simple people feel happy and appreciated because they are the ones who will treat you as a godly super being unlike the elites that don’t appreciate much. He is respected in our place as a good model because of what he achieved from being that man from a simple family.
My father was in the army for a very long time and he entered that vocation when he was about 15 years old. He was from a fishing family. I think in Ilocos, I don’t know much about his childhood, but he said, he was a good swimmer, the best in their town. As a soldier, he got into the deepest and most dangerous part of the country. He was assigned in Jolo Sulu for some years, battled against the Muslim rebels. It makes me laugh when I look at his pictures wearing those ethnic outfit and when he speak those languages/dialect he learned from living in those places. A few years after he married my mother, he shifted to become a policeman in our town.
He met my mother in that town almost 25 years ago. My mother was born in Mindoro Oriental. My mom was from a poor family and seventh from the eight children. I look as her a the Joshua of the family. She was about a year old when her father died.

I don’t know how they came across but the question is why in that tiny blah blah place. That town was far from civilization, surrounded by the Pacific ocean on the east, the largest in the world, if you don’t know and the Sierra Madre mountain ranges on all the other sides. It is secluded from all the other civilization in Luzon. Do you know that the last Spanish settlement in the Philippines was in there? (after Aguinaldo conquered ...) And those soldiers that were left because of slow flow of communication were the ones who took siege in the Church for almost a year. They had only known that a new colonizer was ruling the land after a year in that holy asylum. Even the land in the south, got the news a way earlier than this town.
But I love this town. Beautiful beaches shapes like a crescent surrounding the blue sea with lots of fish living in reefs and mahogany trees. It is now becoming famous for some surfers around the Philippines and the world. My province is full of partitioned paradise in their on way. There are falls, streams. The cleanest among what my cousin had seen in his life. You can see the bottom with some of the rocks that differs in color and shape.
I remember watching a movie entitled “Virgin Forest” starring ( already dead actor). The moviewas about an illustrado, a whore and a native being hostage by American(?) soldiers trying to capture Emilio Aguinaldo in Isabela. Isabela is a neighbor province of my province just located on north-west of it. Its good to see the past of your town, because it makes you feel who you are. Though our family rooted from different places. I love it more than other places in the world. I also love the warm hearts of my kababayans and that suiting to the soul accent. We are known for that way of talking. For others it is funny but when they come along with us. They will surely inherit, not just the words or the tone, but the softness of the heart.

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